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Cat sitting at your home

Home visits for while you are away

A qualified cat sitter will drop-in and visit your home to spend some one-on-one time with your cat.

Cat sitting services are suitable for cats of all ages including kittens and senior cats.

Personalised in-home care is a safer and more loving alternative to a commercial cattery.

How does it work?

Securing a cat sitting booking with Pawshake is easy and safe.

1. Search for a cat sitter

Choose from a range of experienced sitters nearby.

2. Organise a free meet and greet

Meet your sitter for free before you make a cat sitting booking to make sure it’s a perfect match.

3. Safely confirm your booking

Benefit from in-house customer support and free veterinary coverage for your cat.

Why choose Pawshake for cat sitting?

We've got you and your cat covered

Peace of mind guarantee

Free veterinary coverage included with every booking.
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Experienced local sitters

Find qualified and reliable local cat sitters. Every single sitter’s profile is individually reviewed by our dedicated Trust and Safety team. We only accept 15% of sitter applications.

The Pawshake Guarantee

We care about the happiness and safety of you and your cat. On the rare occasion that your sitter has to cancel the booking, our dedicated team will work with you to find a new cat sitter.
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Contactless payments

Pawshake’s safe and cashless booking process means that sitters only get paid after they complete the cat sitting booking.

See what Pawshake cat sitting clients have to say!

Read real cat sitting reviews from happy cat owners

Home Visits
Beni, 01-07-2023
I had the privilege of having Victoria take care of my beloved cats during my week absence, and I cannot speak highly enough of her remarkable dedication and professionalism. From the moment I met Victoria, it was evident that she possessed an innate love and understanding of cats. Victoria's exceptional cat care skills went above and beyond my expectations. She approached her responsibilities with meticulous attention to detail and a genuine passion for the well-being of my feline companions. She followed their feeding schedule to the letter, ensuring they received their meals at the appropriate times and in the right amounts. Her commitment to their health and happiness was truly commendable. What impressed me most about Victoria was her ability to create a bond with my cats. Not only did she attend to their basic needs, but she also took the time to play with them, providing the much-needed attention and affection they craved in my absence. Her genuine care and compassion were evident in the joy and contentment my cats exhibited upon my return. In terms of responsibility, Victoria excelled. She maintained a clean and hygienic environment by diligently cleaning the litter boxes, ensuring my cats had a fresh and comfortable space. She remained vigilant, monitoring their behavior and promptly notifying me of any concerns or changes that required attention. I felt at ease knowing that she was fully invested in their well-being. Victoria's professionalism and reliability were unwavering throughout her time in my home. She arrived promptly for each visit, and I trusted her implicitly with access to my house and the care of my cats. Her communication was exceptional, providing regular updates and photos that offered me peace of mind and allowed me to stay connected with my furry friends. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Victoria to anyone in need of a trustworthy and compassionate cat sitter. Her commitment to providing exceptional care is evident in every aspect of her service. I am grateful to have found someone as reliable and dependable as Victoria, and I would gladly welcome her into my home again in the future. Thank you, Victoria, for going above and beyond to ensure the well-being and happiness of my cats. Your dedication and love for animals are truly remarkable, and I am grateful for the outstanding care you provided.
Home Visits
Shaoming, 10-10-2023
I'm so thankful for Karen as Pearl's cat sitter! Leaving my fur baby in her care used to worry me, but since I found Karen, those concerns are gone. Karen is a true cat whisperer. She not only cares for Pearl but showers her with love and attention. She follows instructions meticulously, keeps everything clean, and sends daily updates and adorable photos. Knowing that Karen is taking care of Pearl lets me enjoy my time away without worry. I highly recommend Karen to anyone in need of a cat sitter who exceeds expectations. Pearl adores her, and so do I. Thank you, Karen, for your exceptional care!

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Frequently asked questions

Your cat sitting questions answered

What does cat sitting include?

With our cat sitting service, an experienced cat sitter will visit your home and spend some special one-on-one time with your cat.

Who will be cat sitting my cat?

Pawshake only accepts sitters who have experience and/or qualifications caring for pets. You will get to search, choose and have a free meet and greet with your cat sitter prior to making a booking.

Is cat sitting the right option for my cat?

Cat sitting is the perfect option for cats who prefer staying in their own home environment and would like some company during the day. Pawshake’s cat sitting services are suitable for cats of all ages and are more personal than a cattery.

How do I choose a cat sitter?

Visit the sitter's profile and read about their background, qualifications and experience.Then request a free meet and greet. If you are happy with the cat sitter’s experience and how well they bond with your cat, confirm your booking on Pawshake.

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