What should you put in your pet sitter profile description?

What should you put in your pet sitter profile description?


Your pet sitter profile is essentially your pet sitting business card. So… you’ve uploaded some appealing photos, devised a catchy name and clearly specified your services and corresponding prices. But now comes that all-important profile text. What exactly should you write? What can you put in your description to elicit the desired response from pet owners?  

Your profile text provides important information for pet owners, including who you are, what you can do and what you have to offer. Don’t forget, pet owners looking for a pet sitter know absolutely nothing about you. They’re effectively viewing the profile of a complete stranger; thus, everything is new! So, present yourself as you would in real life.

Personal introduction

Naturally, you needn’t reveal your most private information in your pet sitter profile. But don’t forget that Pawshake is all about trust. So, introduce yourself and disclose the basics: who you are, what you do, and who you live with etc. A short personal description gives a great first impression and keeps potential pet owners interested in your profile!

Your motivation

Pet owners want to know what drives you. Why did you decide to become a pet sitter? Is it because you love being surrounded by pets? Do you enjoy helping your neighbours and have some spare time on your hands which you’d like to put to good use? Or are you looking for a playmate for your own beloved pet? Even if you simply want to earn some extra pocket money, pet owners will want to know why you plumped for pet sitting in particular. You’re mad about animals, that goes without saying! But, happily, so is everyone at Pawshake. So, where does your love of animals stem from? Be as specific as possible.

Knowledge and experience

Explain in as much detail as possible what particular experience you have in caring for pets. Do you have pets of your own? What pet sitting experience, if any, do you have? Perhaps you’ve acquired specific knowledge about certain behavioural problems in cats or dogs or pet first aid? Maybe you’ve taken relevant courses or read some useful books? Explain exactly what you know and what you can do when it comes to pet care. Read more on: what does it take to become a pet sitter?

Pet sitting services

Your services and corresponding prices are listed at the top of your profile. However, pet owners want to know exactly what these services entail. So, consider, for example, the following:

  • House visits: what do you do during a home visit and how long does it take? Do you feed the pets under your charge? Do you clean their litter boxes or pens? What else do you offer? Read more about house visits.
  • Dog walking: Do you collect and return your four-legged friends? Where do you take them for walks? Do you walk them off leash? Do you have a car?
  • Doggy day care: what does a typical day entail? What do you do to entertain the pets in your care? Do you have multiple animals in your home?
  • Home dog boarding: what are your household rules? Where will the dog sleep? What do dog owners need to bring with them?
  • House sitting: this involves staying in the pet owner’s house. So, how do you deal with issues such as safety and trust? Do you exclusively provide pet care services or are you also willing to perform small household chores?

Give pet owners a colourful impression of what they can expect from you. This makes taking the step to sending a contact request, or perhaps even making an instant booking, significantly less daunting. 

Once you’ve finally succeeded in creating an enticing profile text, then add a couple of engaging photos to your gallery. Make sure that these photos match your profile text. If you talk about your experience with rabbits for example, then make sure that your photos illustrate just how comfortable you are in the company of bunnies. Cat lovers should likewise add photos of themselves surrounded by their feline companions, whilst experienced dog walkers would do well to include photos taken with dogs at popular dog walking sites in the local area. 

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