Pupp - Dublin's coolest cafe for pooches and people!

Pupp - Dublin's coolest cafe for pooches and people!


We had the pleasure of chatting with Paul from Pupp, Dublin's favourite dog-friendly cafe and pet boutique. If you haven't visited the cafe for a doggy date yet - GO! These guys know exactly how to make all guests (both two and four-legged) feel welcomed, well-fed and totally pampered. A note to any Dublin-based Pawshake owners, sitters and dog walkers - Pupp is the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee with your first meet and greet!

1) Firstly, can you introduce yourself and your role at Pupp?

I co-founded Pupp along with my partner Ella. I've lived in Dublin for just over 6 years, and currently also work at Google.

2) We'd love to know about the early days of Pupp - how did the journey begin?

Ella was eager to start a food business, and when we adopted our dog Toby we found that there were very few nice places we could enjoy some food with him in tow. Combining our passion for starting the business with our desire to see more dog-friendly places led to the creation of Pupp. We didn't want to compromise on food quality and atmosphere - it was critical that people without a dog would also love it - so Pupp was designed as a lovely cafe first and foremost, but also as a place that could act as a poster-child for a more dog-friendly Ireland. Ella was working at Google so took a year out to run it, and through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears we built it into the place it is today!

3) How has the public received the concept of a pet-friendly cafe in the heart of Dublin?

We were overwhelmed with the attention and support we received. We have a fantastic community of people on social media, and have featured in the Sun, The Independent, The Times, Lovin Dublin, Newstalk with Pat Kenny, and many more. It seems people have been crying out for this kind of facility for a long time.

In addition to Pupp, we also set up the Dog-Friendly Association of Ireland (www.dfai.ie) to help other businesses (not just cafes) become dog-friendly. With members like Google and Airbnb, the association has already grown to 70+ businesses and we've already seen plenty of dog-friendly business open since Pupp - Paws at Ardgillan in Balbriggan, or Chez Le Fab in Limerick for example.

4) What treats can your furry patrons expect from the menu? Any popular favourites?

We do have a little selection for our canine visitors - they can enjoy a pic n' mix of healthy treats, or a kong toy stuffed with frozen deliciousness. Another favourite is doggy beer - imported from Belgium, we started stocking it just in time for Paddy's Day and it has been one of our best sellers ever since!

5) We have to ask about the famous Toby! What is his role at the cafe?

Toby is the brains behind the operation! It was after getting Toby that we realised how limited Ireland was for dog-friendly places, and decided to do something about it. Toby isn't actually based in the cafe - the law states that food businesses aren't able to keep dogs on the premises - but he's our official product tester, photo model, and taste tester for the doggy menu!

6) Any exciting plans on the horizon for Pupp?

Yes! We have big plans for Pupp, and have lots of announcements coming in 2017. The cafe is going from strength to strength (we'll be expanding our opening hours soon - stay tuned for news in March), but really is just one element of our vision for Pupp. We hope to develop more products and services to improve the lives of dogs and dog owners in Dublin, so plan to launch a few things you might not expect over the course of the year. Very hush hush at the moment, but all will be revealed in time...

There you have it Pawshakers - be sure to pop in with your dog and say hello to the friendly folks at Pupp soon - you can find them at 7 Clanbrassil St Lower, Dublin 8, Ireland.