Pets and paw-sitivity

Author picture Jessica

Pet sitters and owners know that our furry friends can bring daily joy and comfort even in the toughest times. 

Think of the delight of playing fetch with your dog, or cuddling your cat after a challenging week at work! And it’s no surprise that new research shows that pets are way more important to long-term mental health than previously recognised. 

A recent survey of a group with ongoing mental health issues found that their beloved pets were key to daily happiness: even more than many other human networks in their lives. This is a relatively new area of study, but the evidence points strongly to pets as an essential source of stability an when the going gets tough. 

If you are in a position where you feel financially and mentally able to care for a pet, here are some great reasons why a furry friend might be just the thing for you. And if long-term care isn’t possible, there’s always pet sitting and dog walking to get your furry fix!

Routine - a cat, dog or smaller pet needs consistent care, including regular feeding, watering, grooming, exercise and playtime. There’s nothing like a pet to get you up and about every day.

Purpose – whatever is happening out in the world, your pet thinks the world of YOU! They truly love and need you and that can bring a sense of reward and purpose to your day.

Exercise - it’s important to regularly play with and exercise your pet, which, of course, is important for you too. So grab your walking shoes, the leash and head out for some fresh air with your furry friend.

Presence – a pet can help you celebrate the simple joys of life and focus on the little things that really matter. This can really bring you back to the present moment and ease those worries you might be carrying that aren’t useful.

Connection – whether in the waiting room at the vet clinic or walking down to the local dog park: If you have your pet with you, people will want to chat! Pets have the amazing ability to break down barriers and connect people who might otherwise never meet. 

A true friend – need a cuddle or just a friendly ear that won’t judge or argue? Talking to your pet is actually very healthy and a great way to get thoughts and feelings off your chest. Take some time out today with your pet for a chat and snuggle!

How does your pet bring you happiness? Do you find joy in pet sitting on Pawshake? Share in the comments below!