Nervous about home security? House sitters to the rescue!

Author picture Jessica

It’s normal to feel a little worried about your house when you go away. Did you remember to turn off the oven? Lock the back door? Arrange for someone to bring in the mail and, most importantly, feed and love your pet while you’re away? 

All of those niggles can be solved in one quick click by heading to Pawshake and arranging a friendly, vetted house sitter to come stay.

There are so many benefits to choosing a house sitting that we couldn’t possibly list them all, but here are a few to get you started.

  • Your pet can stay where they are the happiest – in their own home, with their cosy bed and familiar toys. Blissful!
  • Your house will be lived in – lights on and off, doors opening and closing…which is a huge deterrent for burglars.
  • You can discuss with your house sitter about extra jobs like bringing in the mail, taking the bins in and out and watering the plants.
  • Instead of coming home to a dank house that hasn’t been opened up in days or weeks, the comings and goings of your house sitter will keep the air flowing and the house fresh. No more mould or mildew after the holidays!
  • Extra pet cuddles are free.
  • Do you have a cleaner or a service person that needs letting in? Parcels arriving that need to be signed for? No worries! Your house sitter can do that for you too!
  • Have you ever come home and opened the fridge to find milk that has spoilt or yoghurt that has gone bad? Not any more….a house sitter can keep an eye on those little things for you.
  • You can personally choose and get to know the person who will be staying at your place - you might become really great friends!
  • Your house sitter can make sure the house is tidy and fresh for when you return home.
  • Your pet will be more settled knowing there’s a friendly person nearby overnight. Separation anxiety issues such as barking, chewing or scratching will be a thing of the past!

We could go on but recommend trying it for yourself…next time you have a holiday, head to Pawshake and search for local house sitters. Our sitters will update you with daily photos and news of your fur kids – and maybe even set up a Skype session to say hello!