Keep your dog safe: tips for lights and reflectors

Keep your dog safe: tips for lights and reflectors


During the short winter days, you will probably find yourself walking your dog outside in the dark more frequently. It's important that you can see your dog at all times, especially near traffic or in very dark, rural areas. With these reflective dog accessories, your dog will stand out safely in the dark!

In winter, it's really important that your dog is visible for their own safety, as well as for the safety of other pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. There are several ways to make your dog visible with lights or reflectors. You might choose to recycle items that you have around the home or buy new visibility equipment made especially for dogs. But better yet, why not get creative by making your own safety items from scratch!

Re-use: Bike lights + running gear

For a quick and easy visibility solution, attach a small battery-powered bicycle or keychain lights to your dog's leash, collar or harness.

Are you a runner and do you have reflective, adjustable bands? They also work perfectly as visibility gear for your dog! Simply attach your reflective running band to your dog's collar or harness and you're ready to go.

Reflective dog leash

It's important that your dog is visible in the dark, but also that the leash is clearly lit. This is essential if you walk near traffic, if you use a long leash or if you go cycling with your dog next to you. We recommend using a reflective leash or a luminous leash if this is part of your regular walking routine. 

Luminous collar

We think the luminous collar is a brilliant invention for pet safety! There are many out there to choose from, some of which have great features such as multiple flashing settings and USB charging (super convenient and goodbye to fussing with empty batteries!). Be sure to check the size carefully and make sure the band is not too tight or too wide around your dog's neck. Check that there is enough space for about two fingers between the neck and the collar.

DIY: Reflective tape or fabric

Affordable, fun and creative: make your own reflective doggy outfit! You can help your dog stand out in the dark by making a reflective collar, leash or bandana. This can be done with reflective tape or reflective material that you can sew onto the harness or bandana of your dog

Note: reflective material will only illuminate when it is struck by light, such as car headlights or streetlights. This is good for visibility in busy traffic, but isn't ideal in very dark areas with no light at all.

DIY: Safety vest

You know those bright yellow or orange safety vests with reflectors? You can use one to make a cute and safe dog visibility vest. Check out the DIY tutorial.

Tip for pet sitters: Are you a dog sitter and are you offering dog walking services? Always ask the owner for luminous or reflective equipment for a safe dog walk during winter. Or stand out from the crowd by providing an extra service and bring along your own reflective items and safety lights!