How much does a dog sitter cost?

Author picture Jessica  - updated: 26/05/2021

How much does it cost to board your dog with a dog sitter? If you book a dog sitter that offers home boarding, you pay for each night your dog stays with the sitter and, at Pawshake, these rates can vary between individual dog sitters. But what do people spend on the average dog sitter? And what service can you expect for that price?

How much does dog boarding cost?

The costs of a dog sitter vary between $13 and to $70. On average, the price is around $35 per night. The costs include a booking period of 24 hours, where your dog stays in the home of the pet sitter. You can discuss the drop-off and pick-up times of your pet with the pet sitter.

Costs vary between dog sitters

The costs of an overnight stay will vary between Pawshake sitters depending on the experience, facilities, knowledge and training of the dog sitter. Dog sitters who have been active on Pawshake for a short time might ask a lower price. A sitter who has already had many successful bookings and has strong reviews might set higher rates.

Other things that may determine the price are: whether the dog sitter has a large fenced garden, if the sitter can offer 24/7 supervision, if the sitter has experience with dogs that have separation anxiety, or if he/she can administer medication, if they have professional experience (dog behaviour therapists etc), if they offer extra services such as pick-up/drop-off, nice trips to the park or beach and so on.

It's important to book a dog sitter that lives up to your expectations and that meets the specific needs of your dog. Is your dog used to being able to relax on the couch at home? Then choose a sitter that will allow your dog to snuggle up on the furniture. Does your dog normally take long walks in the park every day? Then choose a sitter who will take your dog for a nice daily hike in nature. Do you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety? Then choose a dog sitter who works from home or that is retired, so he/she can keep an eye on your dog all day.

In order to find the best match for your dog, always arrange a free meet & greet before you make an official booking.

How much does a dog boarding kennel cost?

Dog kennels can cost more (but in some cases, less) than a personal dog sitter. There are luxury dog ​​hotels which can cost upwards of $50 per night for dog boarding. In these luxury dog ​​hotels, there may be more attention given daily to each individual dog. But for a cheaper dog kennel you might pay relatively little, such as $25 per night, because many dogs stay at the same time.

In a cheaper kennel, the dogs may also be walked or exercised together in groups. To avoid conflict between the many furry guests, dogs are often held in cages or separate rooms for the majority of their stay. This can cause stress and they lack the warmth and love of home.

Last-minute holiday care for your dog

Overnight accommodation for dogs can be scarce during the holidays and is often booked out early. Many Pawshake dog sitters offer last-minute home dog boarding. Do you also like flexibility in case your plans change? Then choose a sitter who has a 'flexible' cancellation policy. You can then cancel free of charge until 12:00 noon the day before the booking starts. If you cancel after that period, you will still be reimbursed 50% of the booking fee. You can find the sitter's cancellation policy displayed on their profile.

No hidden costs, including the Pawshake Guarantee

At Pawshake, all prices are transparent. The price you see on the pet sitter's profile is the actual price you pay: there are no subscription costs and you are not committed to anything. Pawshake simply withholds 19% of the total amount paid. The pet sitter always sees the net amount that will be paid to him / her at the end of the booking period. Pet sitters take this into account when determining their prices.

Of that 19 %, we can maintain, expand and improve the Pawshake platform. Every booking also includes the Pawshake Guarantee which covers veterinary costs that may come up during the stay. During the booking, you have access to help and advice from the Pawshake Customer Support Team. You are also entitled to our Satisfaction Guarantee and you are protected against last-minute cancellations from your sitter. Afterwards, you can leave a public review for your pet sitter. All in all, this means a peaceful and stress-free time away!

Book a dog sitter

Do you want to board your dog with your own personal dog sitter during your holiday? Find your perfect dog sitter on the Pawshake website or app. Select the 'home dog boarding' service and enter your dates. You can then contact available pet sitters in your area, obligation-free.

Do you have any questions? We are more than happy to assist you - simply reach out to us here.