Christmas treats for pets

Christmas treats for pets


Christmas is just around the corner and we know what you’re all thinking – what to get the little Santa ‘Claws’ in your life? Here’s our list of our favourite gifts for furry friends.

At Pawshake, we really love supporting small local businesses, especially at Christmas time. There’s a lot of gorgeous gear out there for fussy dogs and cats, so we compiled a little list of our favourite items for 2018. 

Our top 5 picks for cats and dogs this Christmas:

1) Pooch Play Dog Monitor

Not sure if your dog is getting enough excercise? Pooch play can montor your dog's activity, recommend how much food they should eat and the best thing EVER is the fact that it is waterproof. So if you have a dog who loves puddles or rolling around in the mud, no problem!

2) FroliCat Cheese Automatic Cat Teaser

Ever feel guilty if you are out of the house and have left your cat for too long? This genius toy is a great distraction for your kitty to stimulate them and give them endless fun. You can even set it on a timer! 

If you are out for long periods though why not find a local pet sitter in your area to pop in and give then some LOVE:

3) Itchy Dog Christmas Bauble Treat

These treats are great for dogs woth sensitive tummies as they are WHEAT FREE, GRAIN FREE, HYPOALLERGENIC & they have no added colouring or preservatives. And they look great being hun from your Christmas tree! Hang them up high though!

4). Chelsea Dogs Bandana

These cute bandanas will certainly turn heads. They come in various designs and you can even get a customised design for your pooch. Most of the bandanas fasten using velcro to make for an easy fit.

7. Hay Experts Willow Tunnel 

Small pets can be included in Christmas too. This Willow tunnel for your bunny rabbit is the perfect Christmas gift for them to hide away and grind down their teeth as it is completely natural and edible. In the wild rabbits like to chew on bark so this will keep them busy for hours.