Christmas Dangers - keeping your pet safe.

Christmas Dangers - keeping your pet safe.


Do you celebrate Christmas together with your pets? Awesome! Of course you can enjoy the holidays together, but beware of a few unexpected dangers that could even be life-threatening to your pet. But don't worry: prepare in advance and you will prevent any problems.

1) The Christmas tree

For those of us that use a real tree - pine needles are toxic to dogs and cats. Your pets probably won't eat from the Christmas tree itself, but fallen pine needles are a risk. Therefore, do not place your fur kid's food and water bowls near the Christmas tree and sweep up the needles daily. Also, make sure that your cat or dog can't drink from the water from the tree itself, as it may contain pesticides.

2) Poisonous Christmas plants

Poinsettia, mistletoe and holly are poisonous for your pet. Put them in a safe place where your cat or dog can not reach them.

3) Lamps, cords and candles

Hide the cords of the Christmas lights from your dog, cat or rabbit. If your pet chews on them, this can cause serious injury. Are you leaving the room? Turn off all the lights, and also blow out any candles.

4) Christmas decorations

Garlands, ribbons and decorations can look lovely. Cats especially are fond of these shiny new new 'toys'. But these small, plastic or glass items can be a choking hazard. Also beware of fake snow: it can be poisonous, so prevent your pet from eating it.

5) Christmas food

It's tempting to let your pet share in the Christmas lunch or dinner, but be careful with that! Cooked meat bones might be tempting to dogs and cats, but don't give it to them: they can start splintering in the stomach or intestines and do serious damage to your pet. Furthermore, grapes (so also the currants in desserts) and chocolate are also toxic to your pet.

Okay, now it looks like Christmas is one big danger for your pet, but of course you can have fun together. Are you going to the butcher? Ask for some fresh meat for your dog or cat, such as some chicken necks. Give them to your dog or cat raw, and your pet will have the most wonderful Christmas dinner he or she could ask for! A large cardboard box for your cat and an extra long walk for your dog are of course very simple but popular gifts :-)

Happy holidays!