A beach day with your dog!

Author picture Jessica

What better way to make the most of the very last days of summer than by a doggy-date at the beach! 

The perfect beach day with a dog takes a little extra planning – so check out our handy guide before hitting the sand.

What to bring

Don’t forget the essentials! An old towel to dry them off, fresh water to wash away sea water and sand, recall treats, a toy that can float in the sea (always fun!) and non-toxic doggy sunscreen. And although it's lovely to just switch off from the world sometimes, make sure you have your mobile phone on you at all times in case of emergency. 

Watch for signs

Not all beaches in Ireland welcome dogs, so keep an eye out for any ‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs. Having said that, there are often other areas nearby where your dog can run around freely - but you may need to keep your dog on the lead during peak season.

Look out for picnickers! 

Watch out for families with food! We all love a beach picnic, but if your dog is the sort who won't say no to a free sandwich or two, it is best to keep them on a lead at all times. Better yet, take them to another part of the beach where there is less temptation!

Sun protection

We humans are pretty good at using sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. But did you know your dog can get sunburn too? Fortunately there are some easy ways to protect their sensitive skin - check out our blog on keeping your pet sun-safe!

Keep it cool

Some dogs just can’t help but to run around without taking a break, especially at the beach! Be aware that dogs can easily overheat, so give yours plenty of quiet time in the shade. Be sure to always bring plenty of water and a bowl for them to drink from.

Kids and dogs

Watch our for small children running up to your dog on the beach - or visa versa. We advise that you keep your dog on the lead at all times if there are children nearby. Your dog may normally be the most gentle soul in the world, but it’s easy for accidents to happen. They might get excited and accidentally knock a toddler over, or play too roughly if startled or hyped up.