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Caring For Your Pets

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Hi, I'm Shay!

I live in Greystones and have always been around cats and dogs and regularly house & pet sit for friends. I currently have a (rescue) German Wire Haired Pointer (8 years old) and two cats (both 16 years old) and pet sit for a number of cats and dogs, regularly a lovely pair of English Bull Terriers, Cockapoo, Black Lab, Golden Retreiver, Yorkshire Terrier, rabbits and a number of cats - most of which can be seen in my gallery. 

I can walk your dog, feed your pets, top up their water, let them out to the toilet  - take bins in/out, put lights on etc. And of course lots of cuddles and attention so they don't miss you too much!  I can keep you updated on each visit and send photos.

Specific Skills

I speak English
20+ years of experience
  • Years of experience of caring for cats and dogs
  • Love of animals
  • I'll play with them and talk to them, not just turn up to walk or feed


I can administer

Oral medications

I have experience with

Rescuing pets


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